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The most professional, intuitive & simple email signature software designed for Office 365

Exclaimer is easy to use, professional email signature software that’s designed for Office 365. It works by using your company’s Office 365 Directory to pull through your contact details and attach it to all outbound or inbound emails from your mailbox. With a web-based management portal, signatures can be quickly designed and applied to any individual or group without needing any digital or design expertise.

Its smart and intuitive signature editor features a handy drag-and-drop interface, so signatures can be easily duplicated and updated instantly. Exclaimer also works wherever your employees go, on any device they carry – be it when they are on their daily commute, working from home or at a client site. Every signature sent through their Office 365 mailbox will look the same, no matter whether they use desktop PC and Mac, tablet or mobile, ensuring your brand has the same look and feel everywhere.

Fully compliant, trusted by millions

As a multi award-winning company, Exclaimer is widely recognised for their innovative email signature software. Exclaimer Cloud – Signatures for Office 365 is the only solution of its kind to be awarded the ISO 27001 certification, meaning it conforms to the highest standards of cloud security. As a Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform and Application Development partner, Exclaimer is recognised throughout the world and its software is used by 50 million users across 150+ countries.

Under UK law, it’s imperative that businesses comply by adding certain information onto their email disclaimer. If your business is either a LTD, PLC, or LLP, then it must include the company name, the registration number and the place it was registered, along with a registered office address. Exclaimer ensures your email signatures are fully compliant with UK law by doing all of this for you, so there’s no need to worry.

The benefits of using Exclaimer

Intuitive signature editor

Features a drag-and-drop editor for quick and easy design allowing users of any ability to create email signatures.

Unlimited signature creation

There’s no limit to how many signatures you can create – build templates for individual users, departments or employees who speak different languages.

Deliver brand consistency

Apply company-wide signatures with a professional and consistent structure by adding logos, promotional banners and your custom font.

Generate inbound marketing

Apply custom time and date ranges on Office 365 signatures to work with marketing campaigns, promotional events or seasonal offers to generate inbound marketing, saving on costs.

Choose from Outlook

Allows users to choose an Office 365 signature in Outlook as they compose a message, giving them more flexibility.

Works on all devices

Office 365 signatures are applied to emails sent on all devices, including Mac and mobile so users remain professional and compliant everywhere they go.

Avoid the common pitfalls of email signature design...

If you’ve ever created an email signature from scratch for your own business, you’ll know just how time consuming it can be. With Office 365, it can be just as tricky to create signatures as there’s no real way to test their designs with a preview function or embed HTML images for upselling and cross-selling. The biggest culprits are…

1. Creation of numerous transport rules for departmental signatures

2. Copy/paste HTML signature designs

3. No signatures available for mobiles and macs

4. Blank spaces in contact details

5. Not able to place signatures under replies or have reply signatures

6. Lack of consistency when getting employees to use on-brand templates

By using Exclaimer Cloud – Signatures for Office 365, you’ll eliminate all
those pain points and more.

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